The Works section presents the most beautiful and interesting lighting projects developed with the use of Fabbian lights. From commercial places like hotels or restaurants, to private spaces like houses or villas, Fabbian is the perfect lighting partner who is able to provide technical yet stunning solutions.

Restaurant and Cafes

Noglu Paris with Cloudy


Cafè ArtScience

Strategically positioned between the prestigious Harvard and MIT universities, Café ArtScience is a multi-purpose venue: Restaurant + Auditorium + Bar + Concept Shop + Art Gallery. Café ArtScience is the missing link between scientific laboratory and literary café, appealing to students, artists, and professors all gathered around the same dishes.

From dawn to dusk, this venue is on the way to becoming an essential hub for Boston's minds. The bar designed like an undulating veil of white cement serves breakfast and experimental cocktails from noon to evening. The tables are used for professional meetings as well as to sample gourmet menus. The sofa, a huge ribbon of green velvet, is a synonym for comfort and encounters.
In line with his signature style, Mathieu Lehanneur structures the interior design without walls or partitions, but through fit-to-live-objects that demarcate the flow and simple functions.
Above the lounge area, the French designer decided to build an airy and refined installation with the product he created for Fabbian in 2014, F21 Cloudy. Almost 20 handmade pendants in white blown glass flew directly from Italy in two sizes (16'' and 11'') to give this restaurant its upscale look.

Up to 30 production steps are necessary to create the every single Cloudy and they all take place in the cradle of blown glass in the countryside of Venice. The product family includes two different sizes of pendants and ceiling lamps, all handmade see-through glass on one side and white milky glass on the other to create a sophisticated degrade' effect.
F21 Cloudy had been invested bestowed the prestigious IF Design Award, 2014.

Arch. Mathieu Lehanneur
Local Architects: Brown / Fenollosa
Photo credit: Phase One Photography

Kanji Light Restaurant


Creating the right atmosphere in certain places is the key to their success. Among these places, Kanji Light fusion restaurant required a very special setting. The result was a contemporary location with a colourful twist that creates a dramatic visual effect and an impressive impact.
Our Laminis is perfect in such an innovative and forward-thinking environment: the three glass panels divide the space of the room, enhancing the center of the room itself. It is a great inspiration for all those projects that want to include a scenographic effect.

Altitude Restaurant

The Altitude Restaurant is located within the luxurious Ana Hotels and Sport Hotel & Spa in Poiana Brasov, in the heart of Romania. The restaurant offers its customers a breathtaking view over the ski resort, however it is mostly acknowledged for the delicious cuisine and the refined setting. Indeed, the Laminis collection was chosen as a decorative lighting element.
Laminis decorates the walls of the restaurants with its elegance, but most importantly its glass tiles let light transpire between the different rooms, creating wider spaces. The golden structure perfectly blends in with the sophisticated details of the restaurant, whereas the different patterns of glass give a dynamic design to the room.

Arch. Daniel Ciocazanu, DOOI Studio

Italian Restaurant


Tiramisù Restaurant


Baffito’s Bar&Pizzeria

The Roofer lamps are the protagonists of Baffito's Bar&Pizzeria in Cheshire made by the contractor Andy Thornton Ltd.
Baffito’s Bar & Pizzeria is a new 140-cover restaurant in Warrington, Cheshire that serves up classic Italian food in a unique and inviting environment. Roofer pendant lighting are positioned throughout three of Baffito’s areas: the pizzeria, trattoria and garden.
The quirky, urban interior is completed by a combination of grey Roofer pendants, vintage furniture and a checkerboard tiled floor.
Brown line industrial-style benches promoting sociable, group dining in the trattoria. The Roofer brown tiles, wooden table tops and bench seats and quartz terrazzo floor create an earthy, warm atmosphere that captures the spirit of traditional Italian family dining.
While seating booths in the romantic garden bring the outdoors indoors, for an intimate and quirky dining experience.
Here, green Roofer pendants hang over the booths surrounded by bespoke pergolas dressed with potted flower pots and trailing ivy.

Contractor: Andy Thornton Ltd
Ph. Dan Kenyon Photography

Jadore Sushi Restaurant


Majik Cafè


Antiche Beccherie Bar

Just outside the city walls of Castelfranco Veneto (TV, Italy), a lounge and bar with fresh, youthful appeal has been opened: The Antiche Beccherie bar. The interiors are cosy and a pleasant place to while away the evenings and spend relaxing, carefree moments.
The furnishings and lighting chosen are elegant and modern: the tables in the bar are illuminated with the large Bijou hanging lamps in white, while on the upper floor, the long Clap hanging lamps have been chosen to lend a touch of minimalism. The corridors and passageways are dominated by the No More wall lamps in white. The lighting chosen is warm and sophisticated, just right for this modern, youthful place.

Anthony Bandiera Design
Ph. Giulio Favotto

San Martino Restaurant


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