Walden Chicago

Walden Chicago, an elevated-hospitality event venue in the West Town area of Chicago, required an unobtrusive solution to illuminate and highlight its soaring bow truss ceiling. The interior design team wanted to create a feeling of spaciousness with the dark wood ceiling, an original feature in the century-old building.

The original plans called for large, round suspended lights, but they created significant glare and were a distraction from the bow truss ceiling. This was not suitable for a premier event space that hosts upscale weddings and corporate events.

Enter Metro by Fabbian! Metro was explicitly created for locations such as this- historical buildings, with large expanses, that require long distances runs with minimal support. Metro also fit in perfectly with the venue's overall design vision of mixing historical and modern elements.

To serve the client's needs, Fabbian coordinated the design team's needs with support from local representatives and Fabbian's technical team in Italy to produce lighting calculations and renderings showcasing Metro's performance in the space. Using 528 feet of Metro in a 2700K color temperature enabled the designers to create an open yet intimate feeling space.

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