Sundt Construction - Tempe, Arizona

Sundt Construction, one of America's largest general contractors, recently added to its Phoenix yard property. The operations and support services Warehouse project included an employee break room and lounge area.

The design for the mixed-use space featured elements highlighting the nature of the construction business, including an exposed ceiling showing corrugated metal, conduit, ductwork, and ceiling supports. The mixed-use space required a combination of direct and ambient illumination for light tasks and general gathering. The exposed ceiling limited options for providing ambient illumination as there was no place for typical 2x2 or 2x4 ceiling lights.

Metro F49 lighting system was able to provide the solution. The indirect linear system spanned the room's width without interruption or need for additional supports and was located below the ceiling supports and ductwork for ease of installation and provided the required ambient illumination. Metro's stainless steel strip blended perfectly with the ceiling's exposed elements, enabling it to work with the design seamlessly.

  • Owner: Sundt
  • Designer and Architect: Architekton
  • Local Fabbian Representative: RC Lurie

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