Opendoor - Tempe Arizona

Opendoor recently leased the top three floors of the prestigious Watermark building at Tempe Town Lake to concentrate its operations. This move initiated a tenant improvement project with Ajanta Design as the architect.

The project included state-of-the-art technological infrastructure and an inviting, modern design with Scandinavian influences enhancing the sweeping lake views. The plan incorporated conference, gathering, and reception areas, workspaces, and shared public spaces.

The dedicated elevator lobby begged for an indirect lighting solution to illuminate the suspended wood ceiling panels. Metro F49 proved the perfect solution. The long expanse enables Metro to illuminate the entire length of the wood ceiling without any additional supports or visual interruptions. Metro's precise line enabled the system to blend seamlessly with the ceiling's grid design while providing indirect ambient illumination for the lobby.

  • Owner: Opendoor
  • Architecture & Design: Ajanta Design
  • Local Fabbian Representative: RC Lurie
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