Metro F49

Metro by Fabbian resolves the classic design dilemma of lighting architecturally significant ceiling and spaces without interrupting the line and detail of the space itself. The Metro is designed with the versatility designers require; practically invisible, yet boasting impressive illumination across short and long distances.

The Metro spans up to 32-feet without unsightly supports and is capable of on-site custom cut-to-fit installations across wall to wall, wall to ceiling, and ceiling to ceiling applications in horizontal, vertical, or diagonal lines. By combining discreet forms with impactful illumination, Metro liberates designers to illuminate spaces with possibilities only limited by imagination.

Designed as a response for the need to illuminate high, exposed-beam, vaulted, or painted ceilings without additional supports and connection points, Metro perfectly answers these needs and offers many other possibilities with minimal form and maximum impact.

The Metro F49 linear lighting system uses a less than one-inch wide stainless-steel strip with an LED tape to provide indirect and optional direct illumination. The luminous strip, with the use of mounting accessories, can be installed in straight or diagonal lines, vertically or horizontally, and it can change direction and turn corners to provide illumination where needed.

Key Specification Details
• Linear indirect lighting system that can be cut to fit on-site tailoring it to the application.
• Installations can be from wall to wall, wall to ceiling, or ceiling to ceiling
• Runs can be straight or at an angle
• Metro’s metal strip is 0.98” W and made of stainless steel with LED tape.
• Offered in two lengths: 16 or 32 ft
• Choice of 2700, 3000K, 3500K or 4000K color temperatures (custom color temperatures available)
• CRI >90
• 0-10V or ELV dimming drivers
• Remote mounted drivers - for clean, uncluttered installations.
• Minimal profile and elegant design
• Accessories allow for curves that can change the direction of the run.
• Provides indirect illumination
• 24Vdc Class II system
• Metal strip with LED tape ships in rolls
• Low cost and low impact shipping - Metro ships complete in a compact package


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