In order to be updated on all the activities carried out by the company, it is possible to browse all news reported in this section and arranged by category. The most interesting releases regard the launch of new lamps or design and furniture events. Finally yet importantly, all lighting projects developed in collaboration with renowned architects are presented in this section.


Fabbian presents its new Oru design lamp collection

This new Oru modern lamp collection offers a coloured, new, innovative solution to light your homes with.

The new Oru lamp collection interprets metal in an unusual way. "What is peculiar about these suspensions - explain the designers Vim & Vigor - is that they seem to change shape while you're looking at them, walking around them."

Metal lamps are generally symmetric. But Oru is not. A special cutting tool is used to make it. This creates a specific hole in the lampshade, which is then bent and fixed in its new shape.

The result is a lampshade that seems to have a typical symmetric shape if seen from one angle. But when looking at it from another, you can see the hole and the thin organic shape.

Cloudy awarded with the iF Product Design Award 2014

We are delighted to let you know that – out of 3,249 entries – our product Cloudy designed by Mathieu Lehanneur has won an iF Product Design Award 2014 in the Lighting category and will be recognized with the renowned iF label.
“For 60 years, the iF Product Design Award by the International Forum Design of Hannover has been an internationally recognized label for award-winning design and the iF brand has become a symbol for outstanding achievements in design. The awards were delivered on 28 February 2014 during the awards ceremony in Munich (Germany).

Normally, when we look at clouds, we seek organic shapes, similar to objects of living beings. In this case, the creative process has been reversed: this is a special object which, during its creation, revealed all its potential.
“Cloudy is a paradox! – explains young designer, Mathieu Lehanneur – This lamp has been created using extremely complex steel moulds, which have given it an almost magical lightness, a glass cloud floating in the air”.
An object-lamp therefore which, from the pencil of the designer to its engineering and manufacture, has taken on the shape of a light and evanescent cloud.
“By mixing together clear white glass with high-luminosity LEDs – explains Mathieu – Cloudy is a ray of sun after the rain!”

The Cloudy “cloud”, when switched on, thus reveals all its luminosity and evokes sunlight after the rain. A design lamp containing in itself a positive sign of hope and optimism.
Cloudy, available as a suspension lamp or light fitting, features gradient white blown glass and die-cast aluminium structure. It is lit by high-power LED lamps.

Paddle is now available in the white version

Paddle, the original table and floor lamp of the British designer Benjamin Hubert, is now available in the white color. Paddle allows a broad range of movements, inspired by the 360 degree movement of a canoe blade in water. The light is provided by a powerful micro LED which guarantees high brightness and a dynamic control of light through a capacitive touch. The structure of this floor or table lamp, made of aluminium, is now available in grey anthracite or white.

Mochi for the bathroom environment

Mochi of the Lumi collection have been renewed. Some of the wall and ceiling models of this fortunate white blown glass series have rightly earned themselves a place in the bathroom environment, thanks to the index of protection (IP) 44 which makes them more resistant to humidity.

Both the 12 and 20 centimetre Mochi wall/ceiling models are now compatible with the bathroom environment. For a guaranteed glam-chic effect.

Mochi codes available with IP44:
F07 G01A 01
F07 G03A 01

Domina and Enck now also available in LED version

The Domina and Enck wall lamps are now also available in the new LED version.

The LEDs used for both lamp models have the advantage of not requiring external power supply units, thus reducing space requirements and the work tied to driver installation.

The main technical feature of Enck, i.e., the fast and simple assembly, remains unchanged in the new LED version. Inside the lamp is an electronic component which controls and absorbs power fluctuations, so as to preserve the LEDs and extend their life span.

Quadriled: new product

This Marc Sadler lamp is finely finished and manufactured, and once and for all eliminates any prejudice concerning the presumed coldness of LED lights. The faceted transparent module combines a taste for Murano glass with the very latest polymer machining techniques. This light is made from transparent polycarbonate, available in four different colours: clear, with amber profiles, red or blue. Any colour touches around the edges do not change the intensity and quality of the light, which remains warm and enveloping.

Quadriled is available in recessed version with polished aluminium structure and in ceiling version with visible grey-painted structure. This light has been designed for easy installation, whether recessed or wall/ceiling mounted. It also provides top energy-saving performance thanks to 36 LED lights with excellent luminous efficacy and a consumption of just 15W.
The light fitting features integrated supply unit, while the recessed version requires a separate supply unit. This makes it possible to use several Quadriled lights together with a single supply unit, to stylishly light up a corridor or large room.

For more information, please read the technical data sheet of Quadriled

Enck: new product

Elegant, refined and slim, Enck is the new die-cast aluminium lamp, upshot of the creativity of designer Francesco Lucchese. Enck is based on the idea of light filtering through a slim, almost imperceptible structure. The shape is round, inspired by nature. The structure consists of two slot-in shells and is based on the idea of a sea-shell.
Enck is available in 3 colours: matt white, polished chrome, dull gold.

The quick-coupling to the base has been designed for utmost ease of assembly and maintenance. Only a slight pressure is required to detach the lamp from the wall-mounted bracket for easy cleaning and to facilitate any wall-painting requirements.
Bracket versatility also allows either wall or ceiling mounting; ideal for all lighting and furnishing requirements.

For more information, please read the technical data sheet of Enck

Roofer: new shapes and colour

Versatile is the most appropriate adjective to describe this collection of pendants designed for indoor installation. Roofer, ispired by the tiles of the roof, is available in three different shapes and five sizes and its well suited to be installed in large or small rooms. The choice of the light source, halogen or fluorescent, offers the opportunity to light properly both public and private environments. The universality of Roofer, in addition, turns out in the possibility to shorten the cables to install it as a ceiling lighting fixture. Finally, the colour range of the lamp allows any user to satisfy its own taste and, at the same time, to combine the lamp with the furniture.

The mounty
Customize your lamp: choose the colour and/or the chromatic sequence, then have fun to assemble it. Assembly is quick and easy. The three tone coloured scales, made of semi-rigid rubbery material cover five frames different in shape. The lower part is closed by a polymethylmethacrylate diffuser disk.

The Scales
The scales are made of semi-rigid rubber material and are machine washable at 30°C. This feature combined with its ease of installation, make Roofer an original and innovative lamp.

A new glass: Becky

Design Bridgewell Consulting LTD

Becky è una collezione di lampade a sospensione, tavolo e plafone ideata per l’installazione interna.
Come nella migliore tradizione Fabbian il diffusore delle lampade Becky è in vetro. Si tratta di un cilindro liscio verniciato di bianco, impreziosito da una fascia centrale che reca una un elemento decorativo bianco o, a scelta, trasparente.
Tutti gli apparecchi d’illuminazione della famiglia Becky alloggiano una sorgente luminosa alogena con attacco G9.

Tile: build with light

Tile stems from an idea by Pamio Design to create a modular lamp consisting of individual glass elements. Inspiration is taken from nature, which suggests numerous aggregations.

Tile is a design lamp made from single pieces of glass, designed to form a continuous structure which reflects light. Thanks to the numerous compositional solutions, Tile offers unlimited possibilities of personalisation, to cater to the needs of even the most discerning customer and especially the contract market. Endless options exist for creating a modular lamp, a light wall, a cascade of glass reflections.

All that is needed is a light source to assemble the project using the individual glass elements. Even without light, Tile has an appearance which captures the eye, becoming a focal point inside any interior.

Thanks to its extreme flexibility, Tile shows off to the best in large premises where the architect or interior designer can design entire light walls. Tile already successfully features in the Business Lounges of Cathay Pacific in Hong Kong, Paris and San Francisco, in the Amsterdam Conservatory, in the Law Court of Voronez in Russia, in the Net Center of Padua and in many other prestigious public and private locations worldwide.

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