Malvasia F52

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asia F52
Malvasia F52, designed by Gregorio Facco, is a fine lighting collection that speaks of the land, of tradition, vineyards, and sun-soaked hillsides. With its elegant shape, at times resembling a wine glass, other a decanter, it creates a welcoming, hospitable environment. The quiet harmony of rounded shapes and oblique edges, the grace of the blown glass, and the warmth of wood give this collection of lamps an exceptionally affable personality—an homage to Bacchus and to anyone who loves good wine and good company. Malvasia is offered in three sizes/shapes with a choice of acid-etched white, amber, petrol-green, and smoky finish with a beechwood frame diffusers. Malvasia provides diffused and ambient illumination and is well suited for residential, hospitality, and commercial interiors.
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Malvasia F52 Collection - Pendant and Table Lamps Fabbian Illuminazione
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Create warm inviting environments with the Malvasia collection of blown-glass pendant lighting.
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Malvasia F52
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