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Dynamic linear lighting has arrived with Light Glide. While it appears to be a basic linear fixture at first glance, a sliding feature allows the light to be expanded and doubled in length when needed. This feature enables the light properties to be calibrated to its current surroundings and preferences. Ideally situated over a dining room or conference table, Light Glide can also be used in multiples to create interesting light compositions. Light Glide's low glare rating makes it versatile enough for general office use and areas where glare control is vital. Designer Cory Grosser combined the character of an architectural fixture with the expression of a decorative fixture to achieve the sensibility of 'happy minimalism". It's a simple product with a surprising and delightful reveal. Light Glide is offered in a three-bar dynamic version and a coordinating single bar static version. Technical: Light Glide indoor pendant lamps are available in black anodized or white painted aluminum. The three-bar model is expandable from 46.25" to 85.4"; the single bar is 46.25". Opal and prismatic PMMA diffusers diffuse the direct and indirect light sources. Light Glide's LED sources are 0-10V dimming with independent operation of direct and indirect sources.
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LIGHT GLIDE F57 Collection - Linear Pendant Lights Fabbian Illuminazione
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Light Glide F57 a collection of dynamic pendant lighting for architectural and residential applications.
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