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Fruitfull was designed as a luminous object that could express the concepts of spirituality and purity. The shape is unique and original, evoking delicate three-dimensional petals, which form unusual lighting effects, extraordinary when on or off. The collection is decorative, poetic, and light, suitable for a timeless style, modern and minimalist furnishings, and also more traditional environments. Fruitfull is the perfect collaboration between top designers and local master craftspeople. The collection includes suspension lamps in two different sizes. The blown glass diffuser is etched white with a matte finish, and the Plexiglass® frames have a painted white finish. Fruitfull uses line-voltage LEDs.
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Fruitfull F51 Collection - Pendant Lamps Fabbian Illuminazione
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The Fruitfull collection includes suspension lamps in two different sizes with blown glass diffusers.
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