Freeline F44

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line F44
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A revolutionary and entirely flexible system, created by the designer Flynn Talbot, allows an entirely creative design beyond any track system through the patent pending design. Freeline allows the user to design on the x, y, and z axes. It is a modular system comprised of black anodized aluminum bars in different lengths that can be joined together and connected with clamps to form 3 dimensional installations. The aluminum bars are offered in 39" - 78" - 118" lengths and can hold three types of light fixtures - a spotlight with a methacrylate diffuser, a floodlight and a white blown-glass globe - to create different lighting effects. The system also includes a linear pendant with an integral LED source - this expands the lighting possibilities. The pendant is offered in anodized black or bronze finishes. Fixture Specs: LED 24V Remote Phosphor- 8W – White 3000K – 600LM CRI 80. The system operates with 60W drivers that can be remote mounted or within a 4” junction box. Each driver can power up to 7 fixtures. 0-10V or ELV dimming options. Freeline offers endless possibilities for both residential and commercial applications.
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Freeline F44 collection - Lamps and Chandeliers Fabbian Illuminazione
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Freeline is a revolutionary and entirely flexible system.
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Freeline F44
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