Quarter F38

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ter F38
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Quarter collection is an exciting and refined series of architectural surface mounted light fixtures that offer uniquely modern Italian design and functionality. Polycarbonate cubes perforate the cover plate of Quarter in asymmetrical patterns and provide diffused and direct illumination. The beauty of this product relies on its unique capacity to match every application that needs a sleek architectural piece with a high design content. The low profile fixtures can be surface mounted or recessed. Choice of three color finishes: white, black lacquered aluminum and a satin-burnished aluminum. Installation is simple as it is composed of only two elements assembled with two screws and a clever magnetic mechanism. AC line-voltage, TRIAC dimmable, LED light sources.
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Quarter F38 collection - Lamps and Chandeliers Fabbian Illuminazione
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Quarter collection is a series of architectural light fixtures that includes a ceiling-wall and a pendant line in different sizes.
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Quarter F38
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