Loop F35

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Loop F35 collection - Lamps and Chandeliers Fabbian Illuminazione
The delicate and exquisite shape of Loop is one of the most beautiful series of glass blown products of Fabbian. Every piece is manufactured in Italy with the same techniques that have distinguished the Murano glass for centuries. The diffuser is made using a “static mold” as opposed to a “spinning mold” due to its asymmetric design. The mold must be fired during the blowing process to keep the glass from cooling too quickly during the production process. This piece is only 4” tall and nearly 18.5” wide, a very complex fixture to create. Loop collection is suitable for every environment with a classic yet modern style. The product range comprises a pendant, wall and ceiling fixture. The pendant is available in an opaque finish in black, white, copper or burnished brass, while the wall and ceiling fixtures are available in an opaque white finish. This product is available in halogen and LED versions.
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Loop comprises a pendant, wall and ceiling lamp made of blown glass.
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Loop F35
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