Multispot F32

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ispot F32
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The dazzling richness of the modular system Multispot was designed to give designers the flexibility to use contemporary aesthetics as a standalone element or to create entirely one-of-a-kind concepts with classic glass and crystal shapes enhanced with light. Multispot's is offered in the tubular Tooby series and the classic crystal Beluga globe. Multispot can adapt to suit any environment through various mounting systems ranging from cover plates, round, square, rectilinear, and custom canopies, and even a trimless option. In <strong>Multispot Tooby</strong>, the glass portion extends the entire 16” of the fixture with a minimalistic light engine hidden within the glass structure (as opposed to an external shroud). A 3-dimensional lighting effect is created by using an internal ribbed acrylic reflector the length of the tube coupled with a mirrored reflector at the base. As such, the fixture appears to glow from within and showcases the extruded borosilicate glass (PYREX). 2.1W and 200 initial lumens at the source, 2700K color temperature. Originally conceived as housing a reflector lamp, the conical shape of the traditional <strong>Beluga</strong> design has been reinvented to now include an integral LED source using a frosted glass interior element. This lamp shape has been made contemporary with a minimalistic 2.1W, 200 Lumen LED light source hidden within the glass structure. Multispot offers standard configurations, customizable components, and completely custom options to suit project needs.
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Multispot F32 collection - Lamps and Chandeliers Fabbian Illuminazione
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Multispot is a modular glass system in multiple shapes, canopies and trimless option.
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Multispot F32
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