Oru F25

Vim & Vigor

Originating in New York City, the Oru collection was a concept product entered into the ICFF Studio/Bernhardt design competition in 2012. The competition selects approximately 12 emerging designers and offers them display space at ICFF as well as guidance and partnering opportunities with manufacturers to bring their designs to market. Vim and Vigor, with their Oru collection, was one of the selected designers. The owner and founder Renato Fabbian was in attendance at this event and saw a great potential with this design. Further conversations led to an offer to produce this incredible collection and bring it to market in partnership with Vim & Vigor design. The original collection is available in painted aluminum finishes, while this luxury version of Oru in copper was launched in 2014. The addition of new materials intentionally adds a twist to the family lineup for designs and material used. The lavish copper dome features a burnished surface on the exterior, while the interior contrasts the roughness with a warm polished finish. Materials: Stamped Solid Sheet of Copper with burnished exterior and polished interior, uncoated to naturally patina. LED version and smaller sizes available in quantity
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