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Originating in New York City, the Oru collection was a concept product entered into the ICFF Studio/Bernhardt design competition in 2012. The competition selects approximately 12 emerging designers and offers them display space at ICFF as well as guidance and partnering opportunities with manufacturers to bring their designs to market. Vim and Vigor, with their Oru collection, was one of the selected designers. The owner and founder Renato Fabbian was in attendance at this event and saw great potential with this design. Further conversations led to an offer to produce this incredible collection and bring it to market in partnership with Vim & Vigor design. The Oru collection is made up of two types of pendants for indoor use. The first, with an asymmetric shape and a distinctive hole, is in folded metal, painted in black on the outside and red, green and petroleum blue on the inside. The second, the luxury version launched in 2014, with its elegant, exquisite design, is a semi-spherical shade in copper, made in a single piece, burnished on the outside and polished on the inside, uncoated to naturally patina. Custom options include LED versions and smaller sizes.
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Oru F25 collection - Lamps and Chandeliers Fabbian Illuminazione
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Oru suspended lamp is the perfect lamp for home, office, hotel thanks to the soft and even light of its energy saving bulbs.
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Oru F25
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