Angle F05

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e F05
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The distinctive and essential shape of Angle has been designed to resemble the simple geometry of a Cartesian axes x’, y' that meets in a center. The two carbon segments create a minimalistic design suitable for enriching a dinner table, a sofa, an office desk or a conference room. This statement floor lamp by Pamio Design has a shiny black finish structure while the base is in a matte black painted steel. The light source takes a unique approach to illuminating the space: the head houses an adjustable ring featuring 180 high-efficiency, micro LEDs with a voltage of 24 V, 1000 lumens and color temperature of 3000K. The power consumption is around 20W.
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Angle F05 collection - Lamps and Chandeliers Fabbian Illuminazione
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Angle is an essential floor lamp with micro LEDs suitable for dining table, office, conference room.
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Angle F05