Crio D81

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The collection comes from Giovanni Minelli's research about the polyhedrons of Archimedes and the manufacturing techniques of producing aluminum sheets, these elements combine together to create a new geometric rigor. The outer structure is a solid hand-made multi-faceted aluminum structure, the interior houses an acrylic element that hides the light source and provides light from a glowing dome. The Crio product range includes three sizes of pendants (2', 4' and 6' diameters) for indoor use, available in different finishes and colors. The diffuser is made of opaline PMMA (polymethyl-methacrylate). The finish options are white painted finish or dark or light Alpiwood veneers. Custom RAL or Pantone colors are also available.
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Crio D81 collection - Lamps and Chandeliers Fabbian Illuminazione
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Crio includes three sizes of pendants for indoor use in white color or wood, the diffuser is made of opaline PMMA.
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Crio D81