Cricket D60

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The Cricket Series has become a vital source of inspiration as a focal and punctual light source on architecture, buildings, pools, landscape gardens, stairs or hallways. Whether used in a hyper-modern building or an elegant façade, a parking lot, a garden, canopy spaces, or corridors, the Cricket series is the ideal element to transform and finish your application with the simplest and cleanest aesthetic. The collection includes minimalist recessed and surface-mounted light fixtures for floor, wall, ceiling and millwork installations. The 1000 Lumen die-cast fixtures are less than 2.5" tall allowing for maximized ceiling heights or in-grade installations for multifamily, hospitality, and other areas with low-profile requirements. The same output can be provided for installations requiring a surface-mounted installation as well. The 180 lumen, 1-3/8" diameter pin-light is also a versatile problem solver piece ideal for cabinetry and low-light environments. Whether it is an outdoor or indoor space, wet, damp, or dry application, in-ground or near ceiling insulation, the Cricket series is a fantastic option to suit the architects' and designers' needs. Product Highlights: Ceiling, floor or wall mounted - Wet and Outdoor and Insulated Ceiling Rated - 3000k, 80+CRI, 40 deg Std - Remote Drivers available in Triac Dim, 0-10V, and 120/277 - Surface Mount Standard Polished Aluminum Finish- Recessed Mount Standard Anodized Aluminum Finish.
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