Cubetto D28

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tto D28
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Cubetto, with its geometrical and clean shape, has been one of the most successful products launched by Fabbian of all time. The diffuser's unique material undergoes three major production steps: the preparation of the batch, the pouring of molten glass into a mold, and finally the cleaning and polishing of the piece. The high-quality raw materials used to create the batch are carefully selected and make the crystal clear and without imperfections. This collection includes a pendant, wall and a ceiling lamp, all for indoor use. The diffusers are available in two versions: in see-through crystal sandblasted on the inside and in black color. For all variations, the main structure is available in polished chrome. Cubetto is suitable for use with halogen and LED.
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Cubetto D28 collection - Lamps and Chandeliers Fabbian Illuminazione
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Cubetto is a crystal collection of lamps available as pendant, table, ceiling and wall lamp.
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Cubetto D28