El Palacio de Hierro - Polanco

El Palacio de Hierro, Mexico’s premier luxury department store chain was founded over 125 years ago. The Polanco store reopened in 2016 after an extensive renovation and expansion, and with its 650,000 square feet, four levels and eight parking levels, it is the largest department store in Latin America.

Located in the heart of Mexico City, the store comprises a full line of departments including cosmetics, jewelry and watches, women’s, men’s, children’s, home, furniture, kitchen and technology. The store also features several departments unique to a flagship such as a travel agency, tea salon, cafes, salons and a Gourmet department.

The New York-based firm TPG Architecture did extensive research on the urban character and history of Mexico City, along with the legacy of the El Palacio de Hierro brand. The design of each department began with the establishment of a core design concept reflective of the merchandise category and brands. The result was an environment able to embody both Palacio's legacy and modern identity, together with the leading global brands and brand shops' identities presented within the Palacio store environment.

With our flagship product Tile, the TPG design team was able to custom create the look they wanted for the Women’s “Better” Shoe department. This department sits on the main path of circulation between the two main atriums of the Polanco project. They needed a lighting fixture that demonstrated qualities of light, elegance, and luxury, and sought to create a “meandering river of light”.

Tile was the perfect modular concept to work with as each crystal Tile is a 12" x 4.5" building block.

Once the concept was developed, the Fabbian team was able to quickly create 3-dimensional CAD drawings in order to translate the concept into the project plans, renderings, and models. To prevent dirt and dust from infiltrating the structure during construction, the installation had to be conducted near the completion of the shopping center. As such, when the client was ready to receive the materials, over 1500 pieces of hand-made Italian crystal were flown directly from Italy to the site, arriving within a few days of release.

Once on site, the installation of the Tile system was also near instantaneous: from arrival to completion, the 250-foot long x 6-foot tall structure was assembled in only 3 days time.
Hanging above the designer stilettos and flats, the clientele of this upscale space is illuminated by a crystal glass modular sculpture, the perfect stylish partner.

The crystal Tile system can be customized to any length and up to 40 feet tall with lighting integral or embedded into the crystal frame. Murano glass variations are also available with the Laminis system for additional customizable capabilities.

Tile and Laminis have been installed as chandeliers, wall features, art installations and as columnar features in projects throughout the world.

Architect: TPG Architecture
Photographer: Paul Rivera Photography

Skins Cosmetics

A series of custom made Fabbian Tile light up the new Skins Cosmetics Shop in Amsterdam. Skins Cosmetics opened a new shop in the Conservatorium Hotel, the iconic five-star hotel located in the heart of Amsterdam. Four Fabbian Tile ceiling lamps light up this luxury shop, where they sell high level cosmetics with an high-level service.

Migros Shopping Center

A hundred of Toroidale lamps light up the new shopping center Simplon Center, Migros, in Bris Gliss, Switzerland.
These polyethylene lamps, with diffuser made by a rotational molding process, illuminate and decorate all the common areas of the largest shopping center in the Canton of Valais. They are customized Toroidale lamps, dimmable DALI, lit by compact fluorescent light bulbs.

Arch. Christian Constantin SA

Emma Shop

The new store selling casual clothing by Emma in the historic city centre of Padua (Italy), is a place in which modern and traditional styles are combined. The architecture of the premises is clean and minimalist and enhanced by details and furniture in wood, glass and metal. Illumination plays a decisive role, not only by providing the right light to the areas of the store and the garments, but also in enhancing the overall look.
Above the counter, two hanging lamps from the Class collection in black, three Roofer lamps with grey scales and a white Toroidale lamp are fitted. Tube hanging lamps light up the alcoves while the entire store is lit from above with Zen and Cricket recessed spotlights.

Ph. Claudio Carraro

H&CO Beauty Store

The superb beauty centre H&CO Beauty Store is located in Porto Viro (RO, Italy), and offers various treatments and beauty products, plus the chance to take part in events. It is very big and well organised and tastefully furnished, with modern and highly practical elements. To provide the best possible illumination for these spaces, Fabbian opted for spotlights to show off the products on display and the various working areas.

Castello Uomo Shop

The elegant store of men's’ clothing, Castello Uomo, is located in Castelfranco Veneto (TV, Italy). The store is distinguished by its very classic style in natural, pastel shades, with more modern elements such as the iron beams and pillars and the glass used for the furniture and stairs.
The entire space is illuminated by numerous ceiling lamps and recessed spotlights, with one, four and six lights from the Beluga Crystal and Beluga Colour collections. Thanks to the halogen and metal halide light bulbs used in these lamps, they create many striking, suggestive lighting effects that enhance and decorate the store itself and the items on display superbly.

Arch. Linda Sarai & arch. Silvia Moro

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