Euroluce 2015

From 14 to 19 April 2015, the annual Euroluce exhibition took place in Milan. Fabbian was present with a large range of its latest products on display, largely focused on cascades of light and glass. numerous Lumi hanging lamps were fitted above the tables, at different heights, and a Multispot Beluga chandelier was installed in a way to create a large hemisphere.
Above the reception desk, light was provided by Multispot Tooby lamps, one row at the same height and another at irregular heights. Areas were also created to present the new collections for 2015: Loop/strong>, Polair/strong>, Pivot, Puà, Quarter, Eyes and also from 2014: Giro, Cyclone, Arèrostat and Boomy. Finally, the circumference of the entire stand was defined with Tile and Laminis lamps.

Ach. Pamio design
Ph. Tobia Berti

Light+Building 2014

From 30 March to 4 April 2014, the Light+Building 2014 trade show took place in Frankfurt (Germany), where Fabbian displayed the novelties for 2014.

Euroluce 2013

From 9 to 14 April 2013, Fabbian took part in the Euroluce 2013 exhibition in Milan. The large stand covering 200 square metres was designed by the Architects Dompieri&Pisoni, who created a path of light to present the novelties of 2013. It began with the latest additions to the Lumi Mochi collections, with round and square-shaped hanging lamps with several light sources, and close by the Lamas lamps with an unusual polycarbonate diffuser.
Further along was the Tools area, with all the variants of this lamp collection, in different colours, followed by Cloudy and the rich collection of lamps in wood in the Stick collection. The path ended with the Clove collection in coloured metal. The reception desk was illuminated by Oru hanging lamps and, to the back, a sparkling wall of Tile lamps. The seating area for visitors was illuminated by LED hanging lamps created especially for the offices of the important Florentine museum, the Uffizi.

Arch. Dompieri&Pisoni
Ph. Alberto Parise

Light+Building 2012

Dal 15 al 20 aprile 2012 si è tenuta a Francoforte (Germania) l’esposizione Light+Building 2012. Fabbian ha esposto le collezioni degli ultimi due anni in uno stand tutto aperto progettato dallo studio milanese Salottobuono.

Euroluce 2011

From 12 to 17 April 2011, Fabbian displayed its latest products at the usual biennial Euroluce exhibition in Milan. The large stand covering 200 square metres was planned by the young English designer, Benjamin Hubert, who was also the brain behind two of the collections presented at the fair.
The minimalist, white painted stand was very cosy and fully open along the long side. The reception desk was illuminated by four Roofer hanging lamps while at the back, partitioned by two high and long Tile walls, there was a negotiating area. Kwark lamps by Karim Raschid, Ombra lamps and numerous Lumi wall lamps were installed on the side walls. In the centre, amidst a cane thicket, other novelties were on display: Paddle, Angle, Giunco, Spirito di Venezia and Lumi hanging and table lamps.

Designer Benjamin Hubert
Ph. Giulio Favotto

Bar Home&Spa Design 2011

On the occasion of the 2011 edition of the Fuori Salone Home&Spa Design of Milan, Fabbian was called on to help with the illumination of numerous spaces, including the lounge and bar area of the event. The project required a very essential and minimalist design that enabled the creation of pleasant, relaxing atmospheres during the frenetic exhibition of the Saloni di Milano.
The lamps chosen reflected the modern and elegant character of the design: the meeting area and bar area was illuminated using the beautiful Angle floor lamps in the black version, and the Flow table lamps. The bar counter was decorated with the small hanging lamps of the Bijou collection in the polished chrome version, while Beluga Colour recessed spotlights on the ceiling increase the overall illumination in the area.

Ph. Giulio Favotto

ISaloni WorldWide Mosca 2011

From 12 to 15 October in 2011, Fabbian participated in the international ISaloni Worldwide 2011 exhibition in Moscow (Russia). For this exhibition, Lumi hanging lamps in various shapes and sizes were installed over the reception desk, creating a charming, highly decorative light fitting. The area of the stand was delineated by sparkling dual-row walls of Tile lamps.

Index 2011 Dubai (UAE)

From 22 to 25 October in 2011, the Index 2011 exhibition was held in Dubai, where Fabbian presented its stand that was entirely dedicated to the Tile system. To one side of the stand, to define the space, two striking luminous walls of Tile lamps were installed, while in the centre of the stand a circular chandelier was created using numerous ‘tiles’.

Euroluce 2009

From 22 to 27 April 2009, Fabbian participated at the Euroluce 2009 exhibition in Milan, with a stand of 400 square metres. It was designed by Architect Alberto Torsello and consisted of a closed area in the centre and an area at the side, where a path allowed visitors to admire the novelties and best-selling products.
At the entrance, the long reception desk was illuminated by three imposing Crio lamps in the dark wood version, while the following collections were displayed on the sides of the high niches: Tube, Book, Diamond&Swirl, Domina, Factory, Folio, Flow, Vela, Ali, Plano, Kir, and Leto. In the very centre, the large and intimate customer reception area was defined by numerous tables illuminated by elegant Flow table lamps, and along the sides there was a bookcase with catalogues illuminated by Venere spotlights.

Arch. Alberto Torsello
Ph. Giulio Favotto


Sia Guest 2009

From 21 to 24 November 2009 in Rimini, the Sia Guest 2009 exhibition took place - the International Hospitality Exhibition. Fabbian was called on to use its design and quality to illuminate and enhance numerous spaces planned by important architects.



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