Corporate Interiors

Gruppo Tonazzo Offices

The offices of the Tonazzo Group are situated on the upper floors of a modern skyscraper in the city of Padua. The rooms are very spacious and airy, also thanks to the full-length windows that offer a spectacular view of the city. The sophisticated design of the offices is made-to-measure, and for this reason it was decided to use Tile lamps to create dividing walls in this open-space office environment.

Uffici GGICO Properties - VIP lounge

In the extra-luxurious offices of GGICO Properties in Dubai (U.A.E.) special areas have been created for moments of relax, to be used during working hours or during breaks during important meetings. These areas are very comfortable and cosy, with modern, high-class furniture, large, comfortable sofas and armchairs, filling the large lounge and conversation areas. Tile lamps have been installed in these areas to enhance the ambiance making it even more elegant and luxurious.

Town hall of Voronezh

The Administrative headquarters of the City of Voronezh in Russia are lit by a series of custom-made Tile lamps. The interior design is the work of the UNK Project study of Moscow, which involved the creation of custom-made Tile lamps (on the ceiling and walls), with inserts in amber-coloured glass and a gold-coloured finish to create a more luxurious style.

Dada Architecture + Design Headquarters

For Dada Architecture + Design poject, Arch. Davide D'Agostino tried out a new distribution and representation concept, unusual for an architecture and design firm. The idea was in fact to create an organization in which the operative and exhibitive components blend together and produce a unitary message.
Substantially, around a central creative core, a “design gallery” is developed in which objects, furnishings, sculptures and complete settings represent and communicate the résumé of the Firm’s design philosophy.
By visiting these spaces, already-acquired and potential clients thus have the chance to come into contact with a new form of communication, that which architect D'Agostino calls “Planning within the Project”. The bottom line is that the clients manage to develop their own projects, stimulated and inspired by the environment in which they find themselves.
Fabbian plays lead role in lighting up this project: notice the white Crio suspension lamp above the PC stations, the rectangular Sospesa lamp above the meeting table, a series of Giunco floor lamps creating a highly suggestive effect in the luxury bathroom setting, the Angle floor lamp and two Elle lamps lighting up the country chic lounge, further enhanced by a Tile lamp. A series of Cubetto suspension lamps light up the corridor and the pictures decorating it. The Cricket spotlights and the Slot light fitting complete the lighting of the large study.

Arch. Davide d'Agostino
Ph. Alessandro Astegiano

Showroom Fantoni Mastruzzi

The showroom of Fantoni Mastruzzi is located in Porto Mantovano (VR, Italy). Here, the company presents the latest trends in office furniture. The colour scheme is neutral with strokes of pastel colours in certain parts of the cabinets. For illumination in the showroom, lamps have been chosen with an elegant, sober, sophisticated, and modern design.

Showroom Eleva Design

The elegant offices of Eleva Design, an avant-garde design studio that deals with the planning and furnishing of offices and interiors, is located in Verona. In these ultra-modern, minimalist spaces, there are several cutting-edge elements that have been designed with working comfort in mind.

2Effe Engeneering

The offices of 2Effe Engineering in Brescia (Italy), are a spacious and well organised working environment. The furniture and finishes chosen are modern, in neutral shades with coloured elements that brighten up the ambiance. The lighting project was designed to guarantee the perfect type and amount of light for the office workers.
For the stairways and corridors, long sections of recessed lighting from the Slot and Zen collections were chosen, that also add a touch of dynamism. The conference room has been illuminated using orientable Plano recessed spotlights, which are track-mounted to enable them to be moved around as wished. The meeting room is decorated with the elegance of Sospesa lamps.

Ph. Giulio Favotto

Fabris Offices

The offices of Fabris are located in the industrial area of Padua, and consist of spacious, well-furnished interiors that look out from large full-length windows. The modern, simply style of the interiors led to the decision to install Fabbian lamps. In the president’s office, the striking black Angle floor lamp illuminates the crystal-top table, while the meeting room is fitted with two hanging lamps from the Sky collection.

Fabbian Offices

The head offices of Fabbian Illuminazione in Castelminio di Resana (TV, Italy), are constantly decorated with the company’s latest lamp collections. These photos show the beautiful 6-metre wall made with Tile lamps, in which the double row of crystal glass superbly enhances the building entrance. In the corridors, we then find the White recessed spotlights using LED RGB technology, with diffusers in white blown glass.

Law Office

The head offices of the Gazzola law firm are located in the historic city centre of Castelfranco Veneto (Italy). The setting is very elegant and old, with exposed brickwork, decorated beams and special flooring that add a strong character to these spaces that acquire a sense of importance and royalty. Light plays a very important part because it has to enhance all these valuable elements to the full.



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