Acustica F58 - NYCxDesign Awards Honoree

While the awards were different this year, the thrill of being an honoree is still the same!
Interior Design Magazine's annual NYCxDesign Awards ceremony was held virtually over the course of two days. Nominees were reviewed and winners were announced by Interior Design's editor-in-chief, Cindy Allen.

Awards were presented in project, product, and student categories and included lighting, furniture, accessories, and finishes.

ARI by Marco Spatti and Marco Pietro Ricci

Ari, designed by Marco Spatti and Marco Pietro Ricci, is the chandelier system you have been waiting for!

Armilla F50

Inspired by the planets and stars and delivered by Italy's craftsmen, we are excited to now offer the Armilla F50 collection of luxury pendant lighting.

Amulette by Bernhardt and Vella

Meet Amulette, a new collection of lighting that brings Art Deco into the 21 Century. Designed by Bernhardt & Vella, Amulette was created by studying the unique effects that LED light produces when penetrating a thin glass plate. The result is a visually elegant lamp that is also incredibly light and refined. It gives a rich, luminous effect that beautifully heightens its environments. The Art Deco style glass is set into its metal frame like a precious stone.

LIGHT GLIDE by Cory Grosser

Dynamic linear lighting has arrived with Light Glide.
On the surface, Light Glide appears to be a simple linear fixture. However, a highly adaptable and functional sliding feature allows the light to be expanded and doubled in length when needed, and the direct and indirect LED light sources offer several control choices. These features enable the fixture to adapt to its current use case scenario effortlessly.

ACUSTICA BY Gio Minelli and Marco Fossati

In a simple twist of irony, Acustica draws its inspiration from a drum cymbal, the antithesis of auditory comfort. The large and thin lampshade is designed to absorb surrounding sounds and create a high level of acoustic comfort.
Acustica's shades can adjust from level to inclined positions for dynamic and creative arrangements around its central fixed light source.
Acustica is ideal for public spaces, such as restaurants, luxury offices, and large waiting areas. Offered in several color choices and two diameters.

Freeline F44

Fabbian's Freeline F44 System provides design solutions for everyday, everyway, and everywhere. The system, designed by Flynn Talbot (the same designer as our renowned Multispot Collection), brings a dynamic new dimension to lighting design with the system that skillfully navigates the X, Y, and Z-axis and adapts to ever-evolving environments.


Lumi F07: Elegant Versatility from Italian Glassmasters

Lumi's soft, delicate shapes of light were created by designers Alberto Saggia and Valerio Sommella with the precise idea to go beyond the typical. The result is a versatile collection of handcrafted lighting that will serve most projects and budgets.

Metro F49

Metro by Fabbian resolves the classic design dilemma of lighting architecturally significant ceiling and spaces without interrupting the line and detail of the space itself. The Metro is designed with the versatility designers require; practically invisible, yet boasting impressive illumination across short and long distances.


Virtual Backgrounds - Fabbian Out and About

Introducing a high-resolution series of downloadable backgrounds for your next online conference! Get inspired with incredible applications and spaces featuring your favorite Fabbian lighting products and designs!

We have created three collections of images to show Fabbian at Home, Work, and Out and About. Fabbian Out & About is exactly where we want to be right now. Visit a museum, hang out in a local coffee shop, dine at a 5-star restaurant.


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